Many materials today will tell you that  the best way to live your life is to do whatever makes you happy because whether we like it or not, we now live in a society where self-indulgence is a norm. I am no Bible scholar but I am pretty sure that there is not a single verse in the Bible that will tell you “Thou shall do whatever makes thou happy and thou shall have the best life.”  On the contrary, on one of the twists and turns of my walk with God, I have discovered a one-step hack for the best way to live one’s life, and that is to LIVE LIFE FOR GOD.

Surrendering my life to God is a far cry from how I lived my life before I had an encounter with Him.  I was living in the MMI (Me, Myself and I) universe.  And in that universe, there is only one person to please and appease, me!  I’ll do whatever was fun for me, whatever was bringing me gratification.  I would only think of myself and nobody else.  What benefit I could get from any circumstance and if it doesn’t benefit me at all, I’m gone.

I also had this idea that if I was to follow God, I would be imprisoned by His strict rules and commandments and I for one, was a person that had an issue with submission.  I wanted things my way.  So I thought that if I let God step in, and allowed Him to rule my life then it would be worse than being in balls and chains.  After all, I had a number of things in my life that didn’t need rocket science to know that they’re not pleasing to God and if let Him know about them, not only will He command me to put a stop to them (which by the way I wouldn’t have the Grace to do at that time), but He would also punish me severely.  So I tried to push the idea of God aside, thinking that He will not take notice of me if I didn’t talk to Him and didn’t want anything to do with Him. But boy I had never been so wrong!

First of all, I didn’t know how well God knows me.  I didn’t even know He knows I existed.  But apparently, He does and I can tell you that He knows me more than I know myself. Silly me, of course He created me! Can any creator ever forget his masterpiece?  I bet you, no creator would.  He knows pretty well how I would fair in every situation, He knows my strengths and weaknesses and I have seen how He deal with me according to how He knows me and to the Grace He has poured in my life.  The Bible even goes to say that He knows the number of hair on my head.  He formed me in my mother’s womb and He calls me by name…wow!!! Just wow!!!

Any human creator  would guard his creation with his life.  But my creator is no human.  So whatever protection a human creator can offer his creation, my creator protected me a hundred, thousand or million times over.  He covered me and kept harm at bay even when I stupidly put myself right in the middle of danger’s highway.

So through God’s wisdom, I figured that the best way to live my life is to give it back to Him who created it.  If He created it, then He must know how to protect it and He must also know His purpose for it.  And if He knows the purpose of my life, He will go as far as to orchestrate circumstances that my life’s purpose may be served.  And may I ask, who doesn’t want a purposeful life?

But let me tell you, I didn’t come and find Him, because He was not lost.  I was.  And remember, I wanted to stay hidden from His sight.  But nothing or no one is ever really hidden from Him.  So this time around, He let me know that He knows where I was and there was no point to continue the hiding game.    Now that He acknowledged my existence, is He going to start punishing me now?  What happened was the exact opposite.  In the self-dug pit that I was in, instead of making me pay for all the wrong that I’ve done, He showed me a love that I have never known before; a love that forgave my worst sins; a love that embraced me and welcomed me as His beloved daughter.  Instead of punishing me, He loved me until every prideful part of me was broken to pieces and until there was no other way but to submit to His perfect love.  And then I realised, He knows me but I didn’t really know Him.  The picture of an angry, condemning and violent God that was in my mind all these years, melted away in His embrace.

So going back to the idea of being God’s prisoner where I thought you will be enslaved to follow His rules lest you get your behind whipped, I am glad to announce that yes, I am His prisoner and and yes I am enslaved by His love.  And as His love prisoner, I offer nothing less but my life.  And now that I am one with my creator, He lets me peek into what He has created me for.  And what He has shown me is beyond my understanding. It is so big, I can’t even begin to tell you what it is. It is way beyond my comprehension, my knowledge, my experience and my skills but who cares about what I can or cannot do. God’s Grace is all I need.  He has empowered me to live a bold and fearless life.  And He can do same the for you too 🙂

So if you are wondering as to what purpose you are created for, there is only one thing that you need to do, go and ask your Creator 🙂  And when you come to Him, bring no pretences, no masks and no fancy highfalutin words for He knows you, inside and out.  I bet you, He knows you more than you do yourself!  He formed you in your mother’s womb and He knows the number of hair on your head.  And if you just listen closely, you will hear Him calling you by name.

Well that’s the first step, then you’re on your way to the most freeing life ever.  If you have exhausted everything in search of a purposeful life, but nothing has ever really worked, try this hack: SURRENDER TO GOD.  It is the shortest cut to to your best life yet and it works all the time. 🙂




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